Black student walking out of school doors.
Education Mission

To elevate cognitive and critical thinking, enhancing reading and development of soft skills through enrichment for Black men and boys.

The U. S. education system has historically failed to prepare young Black males for success. This is particularly true in the inner-city schools that have the highest concentration of students of color and low income families. Schools in these areas often have high teacher turnover rates, larger class sizes, lower student-to-counselor ratios and less funding than schools in wealthier suburban areas. This leaves many young Black males unprepared for college and career opportunities after high school graduation.

Our Collective Impact

Our education services enrich the minds of young Black males through cognitive education and critical thinking. We focus on literacy and development of soft skills including teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem solving. Students become leaders within our community and are encouraged to be active participants in their schools and other volunteer organizations. We facilitate educational events, activities, and after school programs where Black educators and mentors are able to work closely with Black male students. With this support system in place, we will accomplish our goals of strengthening their minds and building a foundation that will allow them to take advantage of the opportunities provided to them.