Workforce Development

black men working on laptops
Workforce Mission

To grow Black males' understanding and will to incubate consistent revenue and practices to maintain economic stability; through preparation and goal setting.

There are a number of persistent economic disparities for Black men in the United States. One of the most significant is the wage gap. Black men earn, on average, just 75% of what White men earn. This disparity exists at all educational levels and in nearly all occupations. Black men are also more likely to be unemployed than White men. And when they are employed, Black men are more likely to work in low-paying jobs and industries that are prone to layoffs. There are a number of causes, including discrimination in the labor market, the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws, and the lack of access to education and opportunities.

Our Collective Impact

Our workforce development services aim to address the economic barriers preventing Black men from obtaining and keeping a job, beginning a career, or establishing a business. We provide access to resources and support that help overcome these barriers and achieve economic success. We offer services from resume writing and interview coaching to financial education and job placement assistance. We also provide ongoing support to help participants succeed in their new roles.