Rites of Passage

The Council for Black Male Success (CBMS) hosts Rites of Passage (ROP) workshops for Black males in the Twin-Cities.

This opportunity is a safe space for Black males to heal, self-study, feel safe, gather over meals, meet elders, peers and community leaders with many experiences and understand who they are as Black men and where we come from.

We acknowledge the spirits of our ancestors, and we honor elders from the community to voice historical events and observations leading the present. Our elders assist Black males in thinking and expressive practice to help them become grounded leaders in the community and world.

We understand the missing lineage, connect African and American cultures, and remind Black males that the only thing missing is our understanding of who we are and where we come from.

10-week Program

This Rites of Passage is a 10-week program, for Black males ages 11-26 who live, work and/or attend school in the Twin-Cities.


Participants should have an interest in learning about self, culture and ways to contribute to community.

Weekly Stipend

Participants will receive a stipend per session for being on time and fully participating in discussions and activities.

Program Completion

Rites of Passage will conclude with a ceremony featuring all of the participants and celebrating their success in study, practice, and understanding.