A few words

Our Story

Our Mission

To engage Black males as partners in success to collaboratively support the community.

Our Vision

A bigger world of opportunity that we can ALL navigate.

Our Purpose

One Village

Believing in the spirit of Ubuntu: I am because we are. It takes all of us.

One Goal

Keeping Black males at the center, we are committed to the establishment of opportunity and policy frameworks that set conditions for all young men we work with to be successful.

One Destiny

Changing the opportunity landscape for Black males.

About Us

​​The Council for Black Male Success (CBMS) was funded in 2016 by the Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations as the African American Futures Initiative. At the beginning, twenty-six non-profit agencies were brought together to change the negative trajectory for Black boys and men ages 11-32 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Over the years CBMS has strengthened relationships with our internal board members, facilitators and built new relationships with Ramsey County, the youth and men that we serve.

We operate with Black males as partners in success. We engage with their natural leadership abilities and will to support their families. We dedicate our work and projects to advocacy, healing, leading, teaching, eldership, wisdom, and growth for our target population. Our council support is not exclusive to Black males, but how it impacts the Black family.

As we continue our journey, we have developed programs to elevate the Black male presence and narratives by running interference to daily life obstacles such as housing, education, mental health and wellness, and employment. Our platform is for and led by Black males with the support of our women and elders. Our leadership is geared toward community and disrupting systemic obstacles that the Black community has faced since the beginning of enslavement.

Johnny Allen
CBMS council meeting
CBMS council meeting
CBMS council meeting

Breaking Barriers

We plan to strengthen the lives of Black men and boys and their advocates by co-creating a future of equitable thriving.

Barriers to equitable thriving for Black men and boys:

Combatting historical barriers for Black men and boys: