Housing Opportunities To Eliminate Poverty (HOTEP)


Hands holding a cardboard cutout of a house.
Housing Mission

To improve outcomes in housing for young Black men and boys in the Twin Cities.

The Black population in Minnesota is disproportionately represented in the homeless population. Studies have found a correlation between race and access to housing, yet the crisis in housing for communities of color and/or marginalized groups continues to grow, leading to increases in homelessness. Discriminatory housing policy, the lack of affordable housing, and the growing economic gap have perpetuated the economic and housing crisis in the Black community.

Our Collective Impact

The housing quadrant was established to address the multiple housing needs of Black men and their families. Our Housing Opportunities To Eliminate Poverty (HOTEP) program assists individuals with housing needs by providing financial literacy, systematic savings plan, credit management, homeowner and renter maintenance/insurance, basic communication skills, maintaining employment, utility enrollment, and reading skills development to fill out housing related applications. Program goals are to engage Black males in maintaining housing stability and provide temporary housing support.

HOTEP is a peaceful approach to tackle housing needs within the Black community. We prioritize the housing needs and obstacles that block our target population from receiving and maintaining homes and healthy living practices. The ultimate goal is home ownership, however we acknowledge people are at different places in life and have a variety of housing needs before reaching the goal.