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Allisen DeVille, LICSW
  • Age Groups: Teen, Adult
  • Location:

Allisen DeVille is a dedicated therapist who believes in providing compassionate care and understanding to every client. She adopts a… Read More

Dietrah Chapman Hiatt, LICSW
  • Age Groups: Adult, Senior (65+)
  • Location:

Dietrah C. Hiatt, a licensed clinical social worker (LICSW), is a widely respected mental health expert based in Saint Paul,… Read More

Huda Omar, MSW, LGSW

Huda Omar is a dedicated and proficient licensed graduate social worker with a special focus on clinical mental health and… Read More

Hugh Armstrong Jr., LGSW
  • Age Groups: Child (6 to 10), Preteen, Teen, Adult, Senior (65+)
  • Location:

Hugh Armstrong Jr. is an accomplished therapist renowned for cultivating trust-filled relationships with his clients. He believes in creating a… Read More

James Bean, LICSW
  • Age Groups: Teen, Adult, Senior (65+)
  • Location:

James Bean II, LICSW, is a seasoned professional in the field of social services, having kickstarted his career in 1985.… Read More

Kotatee Tamba, MSW, LICSW
  • Age Groups: Child (6 to 10), Preteen, Teen, Adult
  • Location:

Kotatee Tamba is an experienced psychotherapist who has worked with diverse clients ranging from age six to later adulthood. He… Read More

Laura Balfor, LICSW
  • Age Groups: Toddler, Child (6 to 10), Preteen, Teen, Adult, Senior (65+)
  • Location:

Laura Balfor is a therapist with a unique approach, viewing therapy through a social justice lens and drawing on her… Read More

Linda J. Etim, LICSW
  • Age Groups: Teen, Adult, Senior (65+)
  • Location:

Linda J. Etim, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, specializes in helping individuals caught in toxic or abusive relationships. Her… Read More

Maima Fant, DSW, LISCW, PMH-C
  • Age Groups: Adult
  • Location:

Dr. Maima Fant, the owner of Hatch Life Mental Health Services, is a licensed professional passionate about promoting mental health… Read More

Najoicia Elmore, LGSW

Najoicia "Joi" Elmore is a dedicated Licensed Graduate Social Worker who provides telehealth services to residents of Minnesota. After witnessing… Read More

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