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Huda Badri, LPCC

Huda Badri is a dedicated professional providing both telehealth and in-person services in Minneapolis, MN. Passionate about helping teenagers and… Read More

Huda Omar, MSW, LGSW

Huda Omar is a dedicated and proficient licensed graduate social worker with a special focus on clinical mental health and… Read More

Hugh Armstrong Jr., LGSW
  • Age Groups: Child (6 to 10), Preteen, Teen, Adult, Senior (65+)
  • Location:

Hugh Armstrong Jr. is an accomplished therapist renowned for cultivating trust-filled relationships with his clients. He believes in creating a… Read More

Jacqueline Pena, MA, LPC

Jacqueline Pena is a mental health professional holding a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. A native of North Carolina,… Read More

James Bean, LICSW
  • Age Groups: Teen, Adult, Senior (65+)
  • Location:

James Bean II, LICSW, is a seasoned professional in the field of social services, having kickstarted his career in 1985.… Read More

Jimmie L. Heags, Jr., MA, LSC, LPCC, LADC, ACS

Jimmie Heags Jr. is a seasoned counseling professional with over 20 years of experience in education and therapy. A graduate… Read More

Jordan Hart, Ph.D.
  • Age Groups: Child (6 to 10), Preteen, Teen, Adult
  • Location:

Dr. Jordan Hart is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years of professional experience specializing in a variety of… Read More

Kau M. Queeglay, LPCC, LADC

Kau Queeglay is a seasoned mental health professional with a track record of working with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Holding… Read More

Kimmery C Newsom, Ph.D., LCMFT, LMFT

Dr. Kimmery Newsom, renowned for her empathetic approach, provides individual, couple, and family therapy with a specific interest in assisting… Read More

Kotatee Tamba, MSW, LICSW
  • Age Groups: Child (6 to 10), Preteen, Teen, Adult
  • Location:

Kotatee Tamba is an experienced psychotherapist who has worked with diverse clients ranging from age six to later adulthood. He… Read More

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